Welcome to Buds and Tendrils

Buds and Tendrils (Beauty and Creativity) Welcome and thank you for joining! A very big welcome to Buds and Tendrils where Buds symbolize the promise of beauty to come and Tendrils stand for creativity and dedication! As someone with a

What are the Best Flowers for Pressing?

The Buds and Tendrils Membership Club The Flower Pressing Studio   The Best 8 Flowers for Pressing All flowers are not born equal when it comes to flower pressing. Some flowers are a pleasure to work with while others are

Flower Pressing Secrets

A basket of pressed flowers

Flower pressing is one of the most enjoyable and rewarding of crafts. It’s easy to learn and you don’t even have to be very artistic because the flowers with their “magical touch” do most of the work for you.