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Flower pressing is an inspiring hobby and a rewarding craft.

You’ll find it easy to learn. You don’t even have to be very artistic because the flowers with their “magical touch” do most of the work for you.

Making cards with pressed flowers is like creating mosaics with nature as your guide. And it puts you in touch with all the health-giving benefits of nature and the outdoors

In addition, it’s a wonderfully satisfying and therapeutic interest. I don’t think anyone can work with flowers and feel stressed at the same time!

As for creativity – the possibilities are endless for making beautiful cards, pictures and all kinds of craftwork.

There are many lovely designs that are suitable for pressed flowers and I can give you many useful tips and ideas to inspire you.

You will soon discover how to create and produce beautiful handicraft from the raw gold in your own backyard.

Creating a Home Business

Best of all, there’s a lot more to this craft than most people realize. Because you can easily take it to another level and turn it into a money-spinner by growing it into a home-based business.

I did just that when I grew my own flower pressing hobby into a successful small business.

Well time marches on and eventually I stopped pressing flowers.

But it bothered me that I had all that knowledge which would remain unshared. What was I to do with all those years of experience and knowledge I had collected about flower pressing? What a pity it would be to keep it all locked up.

So I carefully compiled all my know-how, secrets and tips and wrote everything down in a book which eventually became “Flower Pressing Secrets.”

It’s a treasure chest of exclusive information. Anyone who wants to get going with this fascinating craft as a hobby or small business will find it priceless.

Not only will it get you started in record time – it will also help you to avoid all the beginners’ mistakes that can be very off-putting!

If this interests you let me show you exactly how you can do it too.

But before I do, take a look at these testimonials I received for the manual.