FernFern leaves look great in pressed flower pictures. They add a delicate touch to any picture with their fine filigree patterns that look like lace.

Little bits of fern neatly tucked in behind your flowers will enhance your designs and provide a full and natural looking background.

Unfortunately, the problem with pressing ferns is that the color fades rather quickly to a yellowy brown.

If you like the vintage look of old lace you will easily be able to acquire this filigree effect with your pressed ferns. And this is a lovely effect in its own way. But if you want your ferns to stay green you will have to work more carefully.

Preserve the color of your pressed fern leaves

Because fern leaves are so delicate you will have to press them and use them quickly before they have dried out too much.

Then seal them carefully according to the methods that I have explained in “Flower Pressing Secrets.” This is a very important step that will help to preserve their rich green color.

Types of fern to press

The best types of fern to press are the fine varieties such as Maidenhair fern

Don’t attempt to use the stiffer types of fern such as sword fern or tree ferns as these are too heavy and rigid in appearance and they will spoil your designs.

A Tip for pressing fern leaves

Fern spores or seeds in ripe leaves are clearly visible on the undersides of the leaves.

Make sure that you place your fern leaves right side up so that you don’t see the spores which turn brown and give the fronds a spotty appearance.

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How to press Fern Leaves

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