Flowers in containers

If you don’t have a garden to supply you with fresh flowers and foliage don’t despair!  You can always grow your flowers in containers.

As long as you have an area where you can keep your flower containers in a sunny spot you should be able to grow many of the flowers that you will be needing.

A valuable tip.

Don’t worry about crowding your plants too much.  For example, when you grow cosmos flowers in the garden at recommended spaces they produce large flowers.

But large flowers aren’t really  suitable for greeting cards and small pictures.  Small flowers are much more useful.

So if you crowd your plants in the containers when you plant them, the resulting flowers will be much smaller.

These will be like gold when you start to design and make arrangements for your cards and pictures.

Plastic containers are not very good for plants because the sun heats the soil in them too quickly so they dry out sooner.

Earthenware pots are much better because they keep the soil cool for longer.

Choose wide pots rather than narrow-necked deep pots. Many annuals and perennials are shallow rooting so you should rather go for width.

A Flower Press

You can easily grow your own flowers in containers for pressing!

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Grow your flowers in containers for flower pressing

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