Why learn to press flowers?

Here are 10 good reasons:


  • Pressing flowers is easy and it’s quick to get started. You can be up and running in a very short time.
  • You can work from home. Children will love to press flowers too. It’s perfect for the stay-at–home mom and ideal for retirees too!
  • Flower pressing encourages your creativity. What greater reward than to express your creativity in such a lovely way?
  • Most of the tools and equipment needed to press flowers can be found in your home – unless you intend to press on a larger scale.
  • You can even earn some pin money from your new craft. And a good deal more than pin money if you take it seriously.
  • Pressing flowers is a relaxing and calming occupation. Every aspect from the pressing of the flowers to the designing of the cards and pictures is therapeutic.
  • Flower pressing satisfies your sense of beauty.
  • It alerts you to the gifts of Nature by opening your eyes to the little things you have never noticed before.
  • It makes a wonderful hobby and a great talking point. People will be fascinated with your pressed flowers. And your greeting cards will be unique!
  • You should learn to press flowers simply because it’s plain fun! Flower pressing is such a happy occupation!

Lobelia and leptospermum


You can Press Flowers too!

You only need the know-how.  And I have that for you right here in my book of flower pressing secrets.

”The Secrets of Flower Pressing” is a detailed and illustrated course that will help you to master the art of flower pressing – perfectly!

Not only will you learn how to press flowers step by step – you will also find out how to make lovely greeting cards, pictures and more – all with that polished, professional look.

In this course are all my secrets. I will show you exactly which flowers to use and how to press them; how to preserve the color; how to create easy designs that you will love and so much more.

I have revealed everything in the course – you will have access to all my ideas and tips – and as the course is available online as an e-course it’s just a click away.

So you don’t even have to wait – you can get immediate access to all this information now.

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A digital course with instant access.


Learn to press flowers

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