Pressed flower design

You can make money at home with your own greeting card business.

Discover the enjoyment of pressing flowers – and still earn extra money while working at your own pace!

There is always a market for cards and pictures made with pressed flowers. Because they are handmade and original they attract a lot of attention and you will be able to sell them easily.

There is even an eager and lively demand from hobbyists for ready pressed flowers.  Many people who don’t have access to flowers like to buy their flowers and greenery ready pressed for them.

You can save money using inexpensive tools and equipment! When you have the know-how, there really is no need to buy expensive flower presses or other pricey equipment. Much of the material you’ll need is already available in your own home. The Flower Pressing Guide is packed with creative ideas to help you save money.

Save time and effort by following these tried and tested methods.

You will literally save months even years of research and experimenting. There’s no need to re-invent the wheel. Avoid unnecessary mistakes and go with the tried and tested methods that are detailed in the Manual. It’s a huge advantage to know right at the start what works and what doesn’t. The guide shows you how to concentrate on what works.

Flower pressing brings a lot of extra benefits too.

  • It gives you healthy outdoor time! Flower pressing will get you out into the open where you will be able to connect with nature, breathe fresh air and discover a renewed interest and vigour.
  • It reduces your stress level! You will see how the handling of flowers and fresh foliage is positively therapeutic. It’s a completely stress free occupation that is calming and relaxing! It works wonders! Try it with your favorite music and see how your designs bloom!
  • You’ll surprise your family and friends with your Creativity. You will discover the thrill of gaining recognition and respect for your artistry. Learning how to press flowers will encourage your hidden creativity! And it’s easy – because the flowers do it all for you! You simply can’t go wrong!



You can easily start a greeting cards business with pressed flowers

You only need the know-how.  And you can get it right here in Flower Pressing Secrets.

”The Secrets of Flower Pressing” is a detailed and illustrated course that will help you to master the art of flower pressing – perfectly! 

Not only will you learn how to press flowers step by step – you will also find out how to make lovely greeting cards, pictures and more – all with that polished, professional look. 

In this guide are all my secrets. I will show you exactly which flowers to use and how to press them; how to preserve the colour; how to create easy designs that you will love and so much more. 

I have revealed everything in the course – you will have access to all my ideas and tips – and as it’s available online it’s just a click away.

So you don’t even have to wait – you can get immediate access to all this information now. 

Get “Flower Pressing Secrets” at only $25 right now:


A digital Guide with instant access.

Start your own Greeting Card Business with Pressed Flowers

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