Flower Pressing Secrets

Marketing and selling your pressed flower cards is the culmination of all your efforts. 

I must have pressed millions of flowers and sold many thousands of hand-made cards and pictures. In fact, I can turn out pressed flower cards at an amazingly rapid rate.  But I also sell them faster than I can make them and there is never enough stock to keep up with the demand.

Marketing your pressed flower cards successfully is a special skill and you will learn exactly how to do it.

With my easily learnt methods you you will soon be able to turn your flower pressing into a money-making venture.   

How much money you make is up to you. But I can assure you that if you follow my methods, there will always be a delighted buyer or recipient for your cards and pictures. 

Not only will ”Flower Pressing Secrets” show you how to press flowers step by step – you will also find out how to sell your greeting cards, pictures and more – all with that polished, professional look. 

In this course are all my secrets. I will show you exactly which flowers to use and how to press them; how to preserve the color; how to create easy designs that you will love and so much more. 

I have revealed everything in the course – you will have access to all my ideas and tips – and as the course is available online it’s just a click away.

Get the “Flower Pressing Course” for only $25:

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How to Market and Sell your Pressed Flower Cards

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