Preserve the Color in Pressed Flowers naturally

I have always maintained that the big secret about flower pressing is to try as far as possible to keep the natural color of your pressed flowers.

There should be no artificial coloring, painting of flowers or touching up. So obviously I don’t recommend paints of any sort. The beauty lies in preserving the natural unspoiled look of the flowers.

Not only do I firmly believe this but you will also find that it will play a very important role in your marketing strategy.

Keeping the natural color

The natural country look is a real and growing trend worldwide and you can cash in on it. You’ll soon find that your natural, colorful flower cards will attract a lot of attention.

However, if you’ve done any pressing of flowers before, you will have discovered that many flowers lose their color after pressing.

So before you start trying to press everything in sight, it’s important to know which ones give the best results.

You certainly don’t want to discover that the pressings you made a few months ago have all gone black and mouldy!

And this can happen only too often.

When you know which flowers press well and which types of flowers to avoid it will save you a lot of time and hassle. Larkspurs, Cosmos, hydrangeas and pansies are good to start with.

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How to preserve the color in pressed flowers

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