With a little imagination it’s easy to press flowers creatively. The idea is to press flowers and leaves at different stages.  For example a larkspur can be pressed face up, in profile or simply by pressing it as a bud.  The same applies to leaves. Press them as they begin to unfurl, in profile or face up.  

Flowers are a wonderful medium to work with and they give you a lot of scope for creativity. 

You simply can’t go wrong when there is so much beauty and colour in the pressed flowers themselves.

How to press flowers creatively

Brightly coloured pressed flowers can be arranged with pressed leaves, buds and tendrils to create multi-coloured collages of all sizes and descriptions. There is no limit to the techniques you can use to press flowers creatively.

Flower pressing is perfect for all seasons. 

Flowers may be more plentiful in spring and summer but the richness of autumn or fall adds depth and colour to your palette.

Autumn leaves add richness

Red, gold, yellow and green autumn leaves of all shapes and sizes make wonderfully colourful collages that can bring warmth and interest to any room when framed. 

The idea is to pick and press flowers and leaves in spring, summer and autumn and to make your designs in winter.

You can learn how to make your pictures explode with colour. 

There are ways to make your pressed flowers and foliage look vibrantly alive. 

No longer do you need to put up with dull browns and greys.  Your pressed flower pictures can look as if they have just come from an artist’s palette. 

And the colours will remain bright for years and years to come. 

Pressed flowers

Press flowers Creatively and nurture your inner artist!

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