There’s an important secret that you should know if you want to get the best results from your flowers. And of all the tips this is probably one of the most helpful ones.

The most important rule to remember about picking flowers for pressing is that they must be picked when they are at their very best.

A flower that is picked at its moment of perfection will press to perfection. Remember to pick buds too but they should show some colour first.

Flowers should be picked in the morning while they look fresh and happy. But don’t pick them too early. Wait until after the sun has dried off any dew or moisture on the petals. On the other hand, don’t wait until they wilt from the heat either!

Remember that any moisture on a petal will eventually make the whole flower go mouldy and at some stage the whole page of pressed flowers will become infected too.

If you grow the flowers yourself, do not pick too many at a time as they will wilt and then they won’t be suitable for pressing. Try to press only flowers that are at the peak of their beauty.

If you have to buy your flowers, choose only those flowers that look fresh and newly picked. Discard any wilted specimens.

After you have picked or bought your flowers, stand them in deep water in a vase or bucket and keep them in a cool place. Then press them as soon as possible.


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