Why not learn how to make your own greeting cards for the special people in your life? – cards that people will truly appreciate.

A greeting card that is handmade is always appreciated because it’s special and shows sincerity.

Card making is an easy craft to master and in no time you’ll be making lovely gift cards for your family and friends.

And particularly when you have at hand a collection of ready-pressed flowers it’s a simple matter to make an attractive greeting card for that special person.

In the flower pressing manual, you’ll learn how to make hand-crafted cards that you will decorate with pressed flowers. It’s a skill that you’ll always possess.

You only need the know-how.

Greeting cards that are made by hand are always highly prized.  People appreciate them because they are different and original. 

But handmade doesn’t always mean stylish. 

There is a world of difference between the homemade looking card and the professional appearance of a well-crafted flower picture. 

Particularly if you intend to sell your cards and pictures it’s vital that they look professional. You don’t want them to look home-made!

You can’t just slap a few flowers into a book and hope to find colourful, perfectly preserved blooms for your cards a few weeks later. 

Clearly, if you want to make greeting cards that are attractive and professional looking you will need to master some special techniques.   

Flower Pressing Secrets” will show you exactly how to give your flower cards the professional look you want and you’ll soon be on your way! 

Make your own Professional looking Greeting Cards