Buds and Tendrils

A Step-by-Step Course for Beginners

Beginners Circle for the Art  of Flower Pressing

Sorry Circle is now  Closed!

Buds and Tendrils –  Our Beginners Circle

You are invited to join us at Buds and Tendrils where Buds symbolize unfolding talent and Tendrils stand for imagination and creativity!

However you see yourself – as a budding artist or as a pure beginner – at Buds and Tendrils you’ll learn how to express your creativity in flowers and flower pressing.

Our members can access the “Flower Pressing Studio” where all the action takes place. And when you need advice or simply want to show off your latest creations, you’ll be able to do so in a safe and friendly environment.

Create Magic with Pressed Flowers

Flower pressing is one of the easiest and most productive ways to explore your creativity. Not only is it relaxing and stress-relieving – it’s also health-giving and will get your creative juices flowing. You could even turn it into a lucrative business. This is surely the time to invest in and give expression to your creativity. 

The Flower Pressing Studio

The Studio is where you’ll get access to all the lessons. This is where I’ll teach you to press flowers and create beautiful designs for art projects. It’s also where you’ll learn to trust and develop your own style of creativity and do magic with pressed flowers. It’s easy and fun and the flowers will help.

But I will help you too!  To do this I have created a limited closed membership where I will guide you and help you with everything to do with flower pressing.The advantage of belonging is that the store of information will grow every month as I add more and more material based on my interactions with you the members.

Practical How-to Lessons

You’ll get access to practical lessons packed with help and advice to teach and inspire you to create your own kind of magic with pressed flowers.  I have cut short the trial and error period that goes with flower pressing by condensing and distilling all the important information for you so that you can press and create lovely designs quickly and easily.