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How to Store your Flowers

After two or three weeks your flowers will be ready to use. After about a week you can take a careful peep but only look at one small section. Then close it up again and wait.

If everything looks ok you can dismantle your sandwich!  Take away the boards, remove the newspaper padding, carefully stacking the used but dry newspapers so that they can be aired and re- used. However they should only be used again if they are not too badly soiled.

If you are able to re-use the newspapers it saves a lot of time as they are already folded.

Remember that using paper again only applies to the newspapers that have been used for padding inside the sandwich. The papers that the flowers were pressed in should never be re-used. The reason for this is that using old pressing papers can spread mildew and even tiny insects that feed on the pressed flowers.

When the flowers are completely dry and ready to use, the papers will be completely dry on the outside. There should be no damp patches and no signs of moisture.

Open the folded papers carefully so that you do not rip the gentle petals apart. Do not take the flowers off these papers. Just look inside to see that everything is OK and then sort them into their types and colours.

They should be labeled so that you know what is in a particular stack of papers without having to look inside. I have 4 or 5 separate shelves for larkspurs alone. At the same time I am careful to keep the colours separate.

Even buds have their own separate shelf so that when I am designing I know exactly where to look for what I want. In fact, larkspur buds can also be sorted according to colour.

Only remove the flowers from the pressing paper when you are ready to arrange them on your cards. Never remove the flowers from the papers if you are not going to use them immediately.  If you keep them loose they will curl up. It is far better to remove each flower or leaf as and when you need it for your design.

A blunt knife with a rounded point will come in useful when you start to remove the flowers from the paper. Without tearing the paper, wedge your knife under the petals and centre of the flower and lift gently in the same way that you would take cookies off a cookie tray and your flowers will lift off quite easily.

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