The Secrets of Flower Pressing
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Flower Pressing Secrets

Flower Pressing Secrets


How to make your Greeting Cards come alive in a blaze of color with your pressed flowers

This is certainly one of the most wonderfully creative and fulfilling hobbies. 

But - take it just a little further and you can jump start it into a profitable business working from home!


A collage of mixed flowers

A Greeting Card made with Real Pressed Flowers

Take a careful look at the illustration above.  It's a photo of a design on a greeting card made with real pressed flowers - in their natural colors.

There has been no touching up.  Everything is genuine!

And best of all, cards like these can be crafted from flowers that grow in ordinary gardens and fields.

Not only are these lovely cards perfect to give as gifts in themselves, but because they are ideal for framing they can also be made up into pictures 

Greeting cards made with pressed flowers are strikingly different.

There will always be a demand for them because they are original and handmade.

In fact, a hand-made greeting card sends a more sincere message because it shows personal thought and care.

Greeting cards that are stylishly decorated with pressed flowers are immediately eye-catching.  And of course, their uses are unlimited.

They can be given for all kinds of occasions such as birthdays, anniversaries, Valentine's day, Mother's Day. engagements, congratulations, get well wishes and so much more.

Enjoy making these lovely Greeting Cards!           

Through years of experience in this field,  I have collected many flower pressing secrets, hints and tips and have compiled them into a course that will inspire you to achieve some really lovely results. 

There are many tips and short cuts that will help to make your flower pressing pleasurable and easy.

Soon you will be making designs with your own pressed flowers to create stunning greeting cards, gift cards and pictures. 

"The Secrets of Flower Pressing"  is packed with practical and valuable advice.

You will find it inspirational too, as it encourages you to draw on your own creativity. 


A flower press


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