The Secrets of Flower Pressing
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Flower Pressing Secrets

Flower Pressing Secrets

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This Course in Flower Pressing  will make a Unique and Original Gift for someone special: 

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Have you been looking for a unique gift to give to that special person? 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give an imaginative gift that really made a difference?

If you are looking for a unique and original gift -then look no further!  

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Instructions for sending a Gift Card

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Any wording that you would like me to include in the gift card.

I will then email a copy to you for your approval.  Once you have approved it I will email the personalized Gift Card to your friend.

I will also send your friend the necessary instructions for accessing her course.

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     A gift for someone special!

"The Secrets of Flower Pressing" is a complete course that covers everything from the picking and pressing of flowers right up to the designing and making of pressed flower cards and pictures. 

With this detailed course as a guide, anyone can start a flower pressing hobby without delay.

The step by step instructions make it very easy to master.

Get the "Flower Pressing Course'' at only $39.95 right now: 


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Please note:  This is a digital course.  It is not available in hard cover.



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